Choi Woo Hyuk together with…?

16 Apr

Choi Woo Hyuk together with…? Hmmmm… Wondering who’s with him?

We all know that Choi Woo Hyuk doesn’t have latest activities this year, but whats with this picture?

Yup!!! It’s only an edited pic… of course! by me! I was really bored so i just did that… The real pic is, Moon Geun Young is together with Jang Geun Seuk.

I wanna share this again!! haha~ I also made this:

Thats all of today!!!~ ♥ Thank You for those who are visiting this blog. ♥

P.S: Don’t blame me! I’m not “PRO” on making edited pics like that… Still, hope you like it!!! ♥


What’s the best hairstyle of Woo Hyuk?

21 Mar

Hello! Woo Hyukolics ^^ So, here I’am again. I compiled some pics of Woo Hyuk oppa from 2007-2010 and i noticed that he’s changing his hairstyle every year (not like me! LOL).

Enough for that! soooo… check this out! What do you think is the best hairstyle that looks good on him? xD

[Unseen Pics] Group pictures of Empress Chun Chu casts & staffs

10 Mar

Ok, …. hmmmm… I guess, I have nothing to say?. Anyway, enjoy this unseen pictures. ^^

credit goes to: Mr. 김진우

[Unseen pic] off cam pic in “Empress Chun Chu”

10 Mar

Again, As I was browsing at I saw this pictures. (-_-)

The pics was 2 years ago! Its my first time seeing Woo Hyuk oppa pose a “Peace/V sign”. Isn’t he cute?!


Latest Article!

4 Feb

Here’s a latest article about Woo Hyuk oppa together with Won Bin and Moon Geun Young… But can someone please translate it for us???

10 years ago

‘가을동화’ 원빈-문근영-최우혁, 사이좋은 풋풋 삼남매

배우 원빈, 문근영, 최우혁의 풋풋한 사진이 공개돼 화제다.

31일 한 커뮤니티 사이트에는 “원빈 매너손. 얼굴도 잘 생긴 게 매너도 좋아”라는 글과 함께 사진이 게재됐다.

사진에는 원빈, 문근영, 최우혁이 지난 2000년 방송된 KBS 2TV 드라마 ‘가을동화’에 출연했을 당시의 모습이 담겨 있다. 가운데 앉아 있는 원빈은 문근영과 최우혁의 어깨에 손을 올리고 포즈를 취해 돈독한 사이임을 과시했다.

특히 11년 전 모습의 배우들은 하나 같이 순박한 모습의 얼굴을 하고 있다. 사진이 촬영된 시점에 문근영과 최우혁은 각각 14살, 16살의 학생. 원빈 역시 24살. 이들의 얼굴은 풋풋함을 넘어 앳돼 보이기까지 한다.

사진을 접한 누리꾼들은 “완전 애기시절 사진이다. 문근영 표정봐” “원빈은 저 당시도 어쩔 수 없는 미남이었네” “최우혁은 지금 뭐하나?” 등의 반응을 보였다.

한편, 원빈은 지난해 개봉한 영화 ‘아저씨’로 최고의 한해를 보냈고, 문근영 역시 KBS 2TV 드라마 ‘매리는 외박 중’을 통해 왕성한 활동을 펼쳤다. 최우혁은 KBS 2TV 드라마 ‘천추태후’에 출연한 바 있다.

공개설정 : 전체공개


The Article was posted on January 31,2011

here’s the link:

Woo Hyuk & Kang Mu Gyeol same hairstyle?!

4 Feb

LOL. Confused? Excited? SHOCKED?! yeah… i know thats your expressions after you have read the title. ^^

Well! you’re right! Choi Woo Hyuk & Kang Mu Gyeol had the same hairstyle. But wait!, who is “Kang Mu Gyeol?” hmmmmm…

*think, think, think!!!* ㅋㅋㅋㅋ!

Kang Mu Gyeol is no other than…. tantararan! Jang Geun Seok! thats his name in drama “Marry me! Mary” together with Woo Hyuk’s co-star in Autumn in my heart, Moon Geun Young.

Ok, so i don’t want you to wait. First take a look on this pic:

The episode when Mary's father want Mu Gyeol to cut his beloved long hair, so, Mary's father will believe in him that he truly love Mary.

See Mu Gyeol’s hair??? and for those who had watched that drama, can you still remember that episode? of course you do! lol

And now its Choi Woo Hyuk!! remember the latest pic of choi woo hyuk that i’ve posted here? The one that his with fangirls??


Its the same right??? RIGHT? I believe i’m not wrong… again take a look on this pic, tada!:

They both have connection with Moon Geun Young. So, Is it fate or coincidence?

what do you think?… now, its your turn to share your comments!

Before and After?

4 Feb

We’ve seen him act in Autumn in my heart (2000) as the young Yoon Junseo and he did make our hearts cry. After how many years, he made his comeback for a historical drama called “Empress Chun Chu” (2009) and he never disappoint us in his acting skills.

So, do you think his acting improved or changed? Share your opinions! ^^